About barbara

(pretended artist...)

Barbara Orenya



Welcome to my creative kingdom,

beautiful people !


I’m a french artist creature, caring mother of 3 children from age 17 to 24,

I live in the most enjoyable place you could ever find in this planet, (Annecy, France) with my youngest son and my sweet Mon Chéri

I live and breathe for the fun and the joy …

I paint and create all day long and I will accompany you in the discovery of a rather vibrant and heart warming place ;-)

My world is described as a child-like, full of wonder & innocence one…I’m said to be experiencing creativity, creating out-of-the-box, wild & wonderfully imaginative art….

So take the time to explore  this fancy happy place that will lead you to the same place that joyfully beats inside you :

your child heart ;-)

You can find me nearby a wonderful lake, high beautiful mountains, a charming and quaint old town crossed by a lovely channel...

This is my beautiful town  Annecy, France, that lives in my heart since forever 

Copyright @barbara-orenya - All Rights Reserved


I paint and I create every day,
for the pleasure of my own happy well-being, I admit it ...

but someone told me one day that all this had to be shared,

so that's what I do in all these different ways:


Blog Hive

On the Hive Blockchain I share every day my creations in pictures and tutorials in English-French bilingual posts


Shops & galleries

Prints, original paintings or downloadable files..

Affordable art at adorable price

portfolio barbara orenya


A portfolio in the form of a magazine or a nice picture book ...

coloriage festivedog framed filigrane.jp

Art Coloring

Coloring pages or artistic posters for hours of enjoyment

Nomadic workshops

To share in live the creation bubbliness ...


All images illustrations and paintings are ©Barbara Orenya - All Rights Reserved
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